Many bacteria and infections build up antibiotic resistance to pharmaceuticals developed to fight them. But a new study suggests that CBD could be the key to fighting off a number of drug-resistant bacteria. The research was presented at the annual meeting for the American Society for Microbiology. The study shows that CBD could potentially hold the key to fighting resistant infections, like MRSA. MRSA affects about 90,000 Americans a year, and kills about 20,000. Along with the benefits of pain and anxiety relief, CBD could be the key to big leaps in microbiology.

Beating Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance can be a dangerous trait in bacteria. It makes it harder for doctors to fight off these health concerns. But with this recent study, researchers may have found a way to use CBD to combat resistant infections. Many previous studies have shown CBD to help boost the immune system, this may be a deeper look at just how effective this plant-based product can help the body.

Further Studies Needed

This research seems to be just the beginning. As with all scientific research, more studies will be needed to show just how effective CBD treatment can be in fighting bacteria with antibiotic resistance. But this could be a first step towards potentially fighting many problematic infections across the globe.

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