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1 Bottle of 500mg Organic CBD Roll-on for Pain Relief.

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Raphael’s Pain Relief Roll-on is named for the Archangel Raphael, whose name means “he who heals.” He is the angel of healing and healers which is a perfect fit for our product.

Raphael’s Pain Relief Roll-on delivers immediate soothing cool to warm comfort. It’s infused with a combination of some of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories. Our product contains the ancient herb Boswellia Serrata, known as frankincense, Arnica Montana, whole organic hemp plant extract rich in the EFA’s Omega’s 3 & 6, and 125  unique CBD’s from the flowers, buds, stems, and leaves of the hemp plant. These extracts work synergistically when applied topically. They help soothe and reduce discomfort, sprains, muscle aches, bruising, and inflammation. Raphael’s Pain Relief is a game-changer for both athletes and seniors.


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