There is a lot of confusion surrounding CBD Oil. Some people hear the word “hemp” and assume the worst. But hemp, while often confused for marijuana, is a completely different plant. There are a lot of ways that CBD oil can help you improve your health, without getting you high.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Firstly, the major difference between hemp and marijuana is that they are 2 different plants. While they are both under the same scientific classification (cannabis), they are in separate plant families. Simply put, they are distant cousins. While marijuana contains high amounts of the psychotropic THC, hemp contains almost none. Only trace amounts of THC (about 0.3%) are present in hemp, and it produces no psychotropic effects. Instead, hemp contains high amounts of CBD’s, like cannabidiol. These anti-inflammatory molecules can help fight off a number of problems in both people and pets.

THC in trace amounts can work with cannabidiol to promote a full spectrum of benefits. There is a very minute chance that the THC in the oil can appear on a blood test. While most CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC, we also offer a version of our product that has 0 THC. Our 250 mg Isolate CBD oil is perfect for those who are concerned about employment testing.

What is CBD Oil?

Heavenly Hemp CBD Oil is a natural product that combines hemp seed oil with CBD extract. This one-two punch helps make our product Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory Warrior. Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil has a number of uses and applications for both people and pets alike. CBD oils contain essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega Fatty acids are well-known anti-inflammatories. But, what many people don’t know is that they are a vital part of the body’s Endocannabinoid system. This biological system helps regulate many processes in the body such as mood, appetite, pain, and the immune system.

What are CBD Oils Used For?

CBD Oils are used to help regulate many chronic conditions, from joint pain to certain types of seizures. Some clinical studies, such as one from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, cite CDB as a helpful tool in preventing the spread of cancer. Additionally, hemp oil can help support motor function, memory strength, appetite, digestion, mood, and more. CBD oil can also help promote bone strength and restful sleep.

Our product is purely hemp, completely natural, and doesn’t contain unnecessary ingredients that our bodies don’t need. Heavenly Hemp CDB Oil is “A Miracle in a Bottle.” Buy a bottle today!

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